Annalaura di Luggo



ANNALAURA di LUGGO (b. Naples, Italy 1970) is a multimedia artist based in Naples, Italy. Fusing aesthetics, perfor- mance, and technology, the artist creates visually striking works that incite dialogue about social issues. She has, with dexterity and empathy, tackled incarceration (“Never Give Up”), environmental issues (“Sea Vision/7 Points of View”), human rights (“Human Rights Vision”), and blindness (“Blind Vision”). To create Napoli Eden, her last project, di Luggo used recycled aluminum to construct four site-specific monumental installations open to the public that encouraged debate on sustainability in her hometown, Naples. This project inspired the creation of the experimental documentary film Napoli Eden, directed by Bruno Colella and distributed internationally. The artist has received praise for her work from the public, major art critics, and prominent in- ternational figures from the world of culture and entertainment. Her works have been exhibited in Italy and in galleries in Miami, New York, Paris, and Istanbul. She is part of both public and private collections in Italy and abroad. Annalaura di Luggo’s installations distort space to confound her visitors’ visual coordinates of reality. Commissioned by corporate sponsors, institutions, and municipalities, she has completed both permanent (Museum of the Institute P. Colosimo of Naples Museum of Juvenile Prison of Nisda, Naples) and temporary interactive installations (United Nations, New York; Scope Art Fair, Basel & Miami; Genoa International Boat Show, Torino The Others fair, etc).


Napoli, Italy: “Napoli Eden”, 4 public installations, curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, with the sponsorship of CIAL (Consorzio Imballaggi Alluminio)

New York, USA, United Nations: “Blind Vision,” multimedia project curated by  The Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations H.E. Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi on the occasion of the XI Conference of State Parties to the CRPD. 1b Neck Area - United Nations

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy: “Blind Vision,” multimedia project curated by Raisa Clavijo, documentary directed by Nanni Zedda. Hotel Miramonti Majestic

New York, USA: “Occh-IO/Eye-Ishow and shooting curated by Alcinda Saphira. Saphira&Ventura Gallery

Naples, Italy: “Blind Vision,” multimedia project curated by Raisa Clavijo, documentary directed by Nanni Zedda. Piazza Vittoria pubblic exhibit in special edition.

Naples, Italy: “Recent works presentation curated by InsideArt director, Guido Talarico. IQOS Art Gallery

Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, Italy: Human Rights Vision for Kennedy Foundation – auction conducted by Fabrizio Moretti. Palazzo Vecchio, salone dei Cinquecento.

Naples, Italy: “Blind Vision,” multimedia project curated by Raisa Clavijo, documentary directed by Nanni Zedda. Istituto Paolo Colosimo per ciechi e ipovedenti di Napoli.

Rome, Italy: “Annalaura di Luggo: Recent Works”. Fabrique du Cinema, Ex Dogana.

New York, USA: Presentation organized in collaboration with writer Kerry Kennedy, show and shooting.

Castellammare di Stabia, Italy: “MOVIsion” Gala Cinema Fiction. Castello Medioevale di Castellammare

Genoa, Italy: “Sea Visions, 7 viewpoints”. 56th Genoa International Boat Show.

Heidelberg, Germany: “Stimuli to Change” Heidelberg University Museum.

Naples, Italy: “Never Give Up, The Donation”, curated by Guido Cabib, permanent exhibition. Nisida Juvenile Detention Center.

Monte-Carlo, Principality of Monaco: “Occh-IO/Eye-I”, curated by Guido Cabib. Salle des Etoiles.

Miami, USA: Occh-IO/Eye-I”, show and shooting. White Dot Gallery,

Milan, Italy: Occh-IO/Eye-I”, show and shooting. Monte Paschi di Siena for Expo event,

Milan, Italy: Occh-IO/Eye-I, Mirror of the Soul, A Journey between Science and Faith,” vernissage and convention. Le Stelline Foundation.

Turin, Italy: “Never Give Up”, Special Project, curated by Guido Cabib. The Others Fair.

Milan, Italy: “Occh-IO/Eye-I”, curated by Guido Cabib. The Format Gallery.



Basel, Swisse, Scope Art Fair, curated by Mark Hachem Gallery Paris & Saphira and Ventura Gallery New York

New York, USA: Scope Art Fair, curated by Naif International Gallery.

Miami, USA: Art Basel Week, Scope Art Fair, curated by Naif International Gallery.

Boca Raton, Florida, USA: Art Boca Raton, “Journeys”, curated by Raisa Clavijo.

Reggio Calabria, Italia: Questa casa non è un albergo”, curated by Giuseppe Capparelli.



Niagara Falls, NY: The Niagara Falls International Film Festival, “Blind Vision” was awarded best documentary film by the film festival’s founder Stanley Isaacs.



" I love the gift of life”

I love to move on the different trails of existence and discover the diverse spaces of the social world. I am fascinated by both the usual spaces, which are visible to all, but more so the spaces which are weakly frequented and almost invisible.
Throughout my life I have started careers and made personal choices which have placed me in a variety of sittuations, but have all contributed significantly to my development. 

I am an optimistic, passionate individual, of Mediterranean descent. I am equipped with great determination and never rest on my laurels, which means that I am constantly striving to better myself. After completing high school, graduating in graphic design, I went to university and completed a degree in Economics, specializing in International Economics. My knowledge of languages, such as English, French and Spanish, helped me to excel during my time at university.

I am managing director of Fiart Mare spa, CEO of Annydi -the company dedicated to my world of art and film production- and president of 3xTe NPO.

My creative essence has enabled me to implement new strategies within my projects. This creative flair, coupled with my enthusiasm and rigorous methods, have allowed me to flourish within the industry. I have won a number of awards for my work. These include: the Prize Marrama for The Best Entrepreneurs in Southern Italy, the Casino di Venezia award (as the Italian Woman of the Year of Boating Business) and three marketing awards from the University Tor Vergata, Rome, in three different annual competitions. I also won the Personality Award of the Institute Pontano for Enterprise And Volunteering and the Sinfonie d’Autore award in the Artistic section for my Occh-IO/Eye-I project.

At the Niagara Falls International Film Festival, “Blind Vision” was awarded best documentary film by the film festival’s founder Stanley Isaacs.


The discipline and professionalism that I show in my work is something that I transfer to all aspects of life. Away from work, I have won three Italian titles in slalom waterskiing. 

I possess a strong ability to communicate. Interaction completes me. I participated as speaker at many conferences, both in universities and other prestigious venues, where I have been invited to talk about my professional life, about volunteering, and also of to share my artistic and creative ideas. 

Among my interventions:
In 2004, in Rome, I was a speaker at the Conference on the theme, "The Marketing in Yachting"
In 2008, I was a speaker at the Conference at the Naples Odc "The Accountants and the role of Marketing for the companies and for the profession", at the Congress, "COO-PETITION cooperation and competition in the communications and media" at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and I also presented the book of the Minister Mara Carfagna, with one intervention about her entrepreneurial success 
In 2010, I was a speaker at the Conference, "Accountants universities and companies: together for the development of the Territory, and a speaker at the Round Table," Campania System: today’s challenges to grow tomorrow ", organized by the magazines" Panorama "and" Panorama Economy "published by the Mondadori group.
In 2011, I was a speaker at the Conference "Fashion, art and yachting, the Italian Design project " held during the Milan Fashion Week. I was also speaker in the Round Table "Outlook Campania" organized by Mondadori / Panorama
In 2014, I participated as a speaker at the conference: “Young generations” trapped in the italian labyrinth " promoted by the European University of Rome and I was speaker at the Workshop "Private Banking" of Monte Paschi di Siena.

Furthermore I have been presenting around the world my artistic research Occh-IO/Eye-I.

In all of my reflections, public speeches, reports, participations, I have always tried to show how one can put energy and passion into the service of concrete initiatives, from business to the artistic and social sphere.
I think that identifying opportunities to make changes and improve our own lives is something which is important to everyone. I have taken this approach throughout my career, and it has allowed me to fulfill my ambition and achieve my goals. 

My work has enabled me to frequently travel to a variety of places, which has helped me to grow as an individual. Experience of new people and cultures has made me more rounded and opened my mind to alternative ways of approaching life. I have found that travelling to different places has also helped me on a creative level. 

I had the opportunity to confront myself with any kind of person, from Hollywood stars to the homeless, from immigrants to international politicians, from great entrepreneurs to prisoners, from internationally-acclaimed sports people to people with disabilities. My innumerable life experiences have led me to the determination to transfer my dominant thought through my artistic research that is based on the recognition of the value of the human being as "unique and unrepeatable" and I have chosen the iris as a symbol of identity and of singularity of every human being.

I have exhibited around the world Occh- IO/Eye-I my performance-photography project born in order to capture and amplify a peculiar aspect of identity, belonging to everyone: "the eye". It emphasizes the word “I” to evoke the singularity of each individual.

"Every human being is a unique and wonderful creation of God which embodies a world to explore. For this reason I decided to start my investigation from the eye, which, for the ancients, was the mirror of the soul. I like to define myself a Soul scout

In fact, I focuse not only on creating a large iris portrait as this is only the starting point of an investigation into the inner part of my subject.
I initiate an intimate and empathetic conversation with each of the “sitters” portrayed, in a joint exploration of their inner worlds, so that the final works of art incorporate and conserve traces of their protagonists’ personalities, thoughts and emotions. 

By using a camera patented by me which employs technology developed in the field of ophthalmic science I collected in my archives over a thousand shots that concern the wider variety of human types: the famous and celebrities, such as members of the Kennedy family, and those deviant, such as minor prisoners of Nisida jale, Hollywood actors such as Antonio Banderas, Robert Davi, Jeremy Irons, etc and the homeless or individuals with disabilities .... Anyone is welcome, behind my lens.

My intention is to meet the human being, stripped of every type of prejudice, with an approach free from preconceived ideas that are automatically structured in relation to social status, age, sex, religion: my eye's artistic representation puts the uniqueness of the iris at the center of a black universe, because it is able to "absorb" all colors, freeing subjectivity from any possible discrimination.

The attention given to the eye is also a way to remember how useful can be to look deeply in people’s eyes, a concept which too many times, many people, tend to escape. In each there is a wonderful and singular essence to be discovered and everyone is invited by me to reveal his/her uniqueness and to become an artwork .

I have exhibited with solo shows all over the world and I attended the most important art fairs, from Art Basel in Basel, Miami, New York, Sao Paulo, etc. I have created permanent installations for the public sector and for private collections, but my artistic predisposition is always aimed at works with a powerful social impact such as:

Napoli Eden Napoli Eden (Naples, December 2018-January 2019), curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo and supported by CIAL (Consorzio Imballaggi Alluminio) a four site-specific monumental installations open to the public that was held across squares in the city of Naples, Italy. (Piazza Municipio, Galleria Umberto I, Largo Baracche, Largo Santa Caterina). To symbolize rebirth and redemption, Annalaura di Luggo created an “artistic garden” using waste material - specifically aluminum - as a comment on sustainability in her hometown, Naples. This project inspired the creation of the experimental documentary film Napoli Eden, directed by Bruno Colella, cinematography Blasco Giurato, distributed by Ambi international and TaTaTu.

Blind Vision (Naples, Italy 2017 – United Nations, New York/2018) is a project born from my intention to explore how blind people perceive the world and my commitment combines with desire to stimulate their cultural and social integration. The multimedia installation (curated by Raisa Clavijo) is created in a completely obscured gallery that recreates the evocative atmosphere of the world of those who are deprived of sight. At its  internal the eyes, without the ability to see the light, illuminate the viewers and, at the same time, the original voices of the protagonists express their thoughts by driving us on a journey of light that sparks our awareness of the discovery of a new world and unexpected stimuli to perceive the reality, with alternative ways to view.

Human Rights Vision, (Palazzo Vecchio- Firenze /2017) (critical text by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo), a work of art auctioned by Fabrizio Moretti at Palazzo Vecchio-Florence, to support the purposes of the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Foundation. Here the eyes furnish an alternative reading of the world: their purpose is " to elevate the world’s gaze and foster a spirit of brotherhood”.

Sea Visions / 7 viewpoints ( Genoa International Boat Show /2016), highlighting the importance of preserving our waters, this evocative showcase brings the human gaze to meet that of a sea creature.

Never Give up (2015) (curated by Guido Cabib) a permanent installation created within a detention cell of the Juvenile detention centre at Nisida off the coast of Naples, where the detainees' eyes and the phrases written on the walls teach us the true value of freedom.


I am fascinated by light. I am enchanted by the symbolic value that expresses, from immemorial times, that perennial and sublime rite of passage, which is the transition from dark to light, from night to day, from the moon to the sun. The series of "Enlightenment" I designed and created is a kind of transfiguration into objects of my interest in this mysterious and infinite dialectic. The line of lamps that I created is entitled, “A Light For Hope” and A is the initial of my name.

For some of my creations, in the design field, I love to use any kind of materials, regardless of their value. I enjoy using objects that I have found randomly, often things that have been discarded, as I feel that they have a story to them. I am interested in the lifespan of such objects. What has it been through? What has shaped it? These questions help me to stimulate my mind in a creative way. 
I consider myself to have a gift from God. I strongly believe that my strength, vitality and creativity, along with my refusal to accept failure, are God-given talents that have allowed me to be so successful. I also feel that my interpersonal skills are key to both my approach to work and also the results that I achieve. I take something from every personal interaction that I engage in, constantly growing and learning new things.  

My personal and professional achievements do not interfere with my desire to help others and I am happy to put my commitment to the service of worthy causes. This is why I founded the NPO TREXTE, created for the realization of volunteering projects, social and health care.

The thread that connects all of my activities, in every area, with my own existence, with my inner world, is the passion and dedication that I put into everything that I do. Every project I run, every talk I give, every person I meet. I face every situation with the same approach as I would do any other. It provides me with energy and allows me to work to the best of my ability. . The "fil rouge" is this, for me it is energy, So I always search and find a touch of red in everything that surrounds me.