Project: Lux Finissage Napoli Eden





Annalaura of Luggo



Curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo | original music by Eugenio Bennato


an artistic project by Annalaura di Luggo

dresses / sculptures made by the Fashion Design Laboratory of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome coordinated by Graziella Pera

performance of the DNA company of Claudia Sales LabArt Dance




Fideuram Private Bank, Via Domenico Morelli, 7

January, 18 2019


Napoli Eden by Annalaura di Luggo is the widespread site-specific realized in four squares of the city of Naples, which with the four large installations (Trìunphus, Pỳramid, Gèminus, Harmònia) have artistically illuminated the city.

On the occasion of the finissage of January 18th, at the noble hall of Palazzo Nunziante (home of Fideuram Private Bank) the conclusive event of Napoli Eden: LUX was held. A singular performance was created on the original music of Eugenio Bennato: an artistic crowning of the conceptual path created by Annalaura di Luggo.


Everything started from the fashion show coordinated by the well-known costume designer Graziella Pera, who, with the collaboration of the students of the Fashion Design course of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, gave movement and life to sculpture dresses made of recycled aluminum, material symbol of Naples Eden. Was also created an artistic tie in honor of E. Marinella Naples


At the end of the event, the preformance of the DNA Company of Claudia Sales LabArt Dance has sealed the sense of Naples Eden, from recycling to rebirth: what was destined for death, in a landfill or in a warehouse, becomes object of vitality in a clever and fun idea of ​​contemporary baroque, transforming everything into a theatricality that tends to indicate a path of hope, a stage of an itinerarium of joy and happiness.

This is Naples Eden, at the end of a happy experience, which will merge into the movie Napoli Eden, (directed by Bruno Colella and distributed by TaTaTu international) offering an insight into the singular artistic activity of Annalaura di Luggo, always oriented to the realization of works that modify the perception of space and the coordinates of reality, through the use of different techniques and materials that from photography to video, from sculpture to installation, capture the observer to make it interactively involved.


Napoli Eden (Naples, 7 December 2018 - 18 January 2019), is a project curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, with the support of CIAL of Milan (Consorzio Imballaggi Alluminio) and the patronage of the Municipality of Naples. (Assessors for culture, tourism, public lighting, youth and heritage).


The realization of LUX! it was possible thanks to the collaboration of Luca de Magistris Fideuram Private Bank.


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